Has anyone tried The Leads Network?

Somewhere, I know this has been asked before. Something about life, health and timeshare leads just doesn't seem to flow for me.

If I was this company, I would move timeshare leads to a different site. It would let me take them a lot more serious on the life & health side.

They called in December (or maybe November) asking if I wanted to "reserve a spot" for GA leads. I asked to look at their site which was under construction at the time. The guy who called couldn't give me any details other than saying they were going to be better than anything on the market.

I passed . . .

They have called a couple of times since then.

I still passed.

As far as shared leads are concerned, if you are good (and I am), they really do work as proven time and again by several on this forum.

Some will say that shared, internet leads, are not for rookies. To an extent I agree. When I re-entered the market a little over 3 yrs ago I cut my teeth on $5 shared leads with a few "stale" leads for a buck.

The mistakes I made didn't cost me much so I pressed on.

Some folks thrive on F2F and I will be quick to admit I am much better sitting belly to belly than over the phone but my ROI is much better working in my underwear than hitting the pavement.

Exclusive leads really don't exist. You are always competing with someone. Either a current agent, the internet, a local who is a friend or relative or, many times, you are in competition with your prospective client who thinks all agents are liars.

If you think you have no competition you are wrong. The closest you have to an exclusive is someone who calls you because of your reputation.

I have been fortunate to receive referrals and endorsements . . . just don't get enough to survive.

A couple of guys on this forum who have done an exceptional job of cultivating referrals are Paul (Moonlight) and Bob #2 (who has been MIA for some time).

Give me referrals any day. I took 4 apps so far this week off referrals and have a group client in the wings that I will probably pick up by mid February.

Any guess where these referrals come from?

Shared, internet lead clients.

Probably just dumb luck.
What odds would give a rookie who's one of the agents sharing your leads

Since I started this way, I'd say pretty good. As a rookie, I was hungry to write deals, had nothing but time, and could really work a lead.

Now, with a several years of doing this under my belt, my closing percentage of shared leads has gone down. This is partly the quality of shared internet leads has gone down, but a larger part is my drive to work those leads has diminished. On my P&C business, I get referrals all day long, which are easier to write and cost me less :)


P.S. P&C referrals are much easier to come by than health referrals. These are things like car dealers / mortgage broker type of referrals, no where near as clean as the few health referrals I get, but it's very writable business.