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Hi everyone, this is my first post.

I'm not a L&H agent yet but I'm strongly considering it.

My first question is this - how important is a good office location?
By good I mean high traffic street corner with lots of visibility and great parking. Does this result in higher 'walk in' business?

Thanks to all.
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Location Location Location

If just starting out, a high traffic location with great parking and visible signage is very important, if you are wanting to work in an office.
I would suggest starting out with the least amount of overhead as possible. I would advise against an office right out of the shoot, wait until you have an established book of business. New office, new furniture, new car, etc... All look impressive, but are also a tremendous cash flow burner. Spend a few hours, say 30 to 40, just reading this Forum, and you will be months ahead of many in the field. IMHO