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Hello from the Philadelphia area. I am a paramedical examiner in hopes of seeking advice and information from experienced agents. I am trying to market myself to local agents and thought this would be a great place to gather some ideas on how to do so. I look forward to learning about the agents perpective on the paramed exam process.

If you were in my area, (NC), I would be among your first customers. I have been alternating between ExamOne and Portamedic, and the results are subpar to say the least. If I could find a reputable paramedical examiner, who actually values my business, and that my companies would accept, they would receive all of my business.

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I agree. I am sure that anyone here who sells life or health could give you many a horror story from the Paramed company.

I am sure that with your attitude, and drive you will do well.
I am very happy to hear such enthusiasm for utilizing a direct examiner. I am experienced and currently starting the beginning stages of going direct. I hope I encounter agents like you in my marketing attempts.

I am curious. Do agents know that they can use anyone they want for exams or are they under the impression that they must use one of the "Big Four" companies?

Also, is there a database or good website to find agents contact information? I have been browsing the local yellow pages but that seems so limited.

Thanks again for all your feedback and comments!

Have a wonderful day!

This is probably way too costly, but many states sell the agent's data (contact information). I wouldn't know whether it was available geographically, though. You may want to check with a local chapter of a life insurance association for contacts. Best of success!
Hello, everyone. I'm not yet an agent but I'm studying to pass the VA licensing exam. This forum has such a wealth of information, I can't wait until it all actually makes sense to me. lol! Anyways, I'm using the Bisys Exam Cram book for now. If anyone has any suggestions on study materials that are not too expensive, I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance!
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