Holy...Molly! Is this for Real?


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A friend forwarded this link regarding Wellcare and Pharma Fraud....

Any truth to this article?

Looks very bad for Wellcare (sigh)

Yep, I posted about this in the 'senior' forum yesterday after the raid became known.

I smelled rats with the whole Medicare Advantage thing long ago. Looks like it's coming to fruition.

Yes, they can serve a purpose...but douchebag agents/companies misused them...and now look what happened. Makes the industry as a whole look rather poor in the eyes of Joe and Mary Consumer, I must say.
Yeah....i don't like reading about this kind of stuff...but its reality. Greed in corporate America...Managers with golden parachutes...tied to stock prices.

Hope there's a silver lining in this somewhere.
In one case, said Alex Acosta, the US attorney for the Southern District of Florida, a company had billed Medicare for millions of dollars worth of specially formulated asthma medication prepared at what the owner claimed to be his own local pharmacy.
"The person wasn't a pharmacist, he was an air conditioner repairman. When we raided the so-called pharmacy where he mixed all these aerosols it was nothing more than a broom closet where all we found was a can of tar," Mr Acosta said.

This is not big business, corporate greed. This is an individual getting away with something.

Not unlike the case of a Philipino (now a US citizen) who told me his father needed heart surgery, so he flew him to LA, what do you know? The father went to a doctor, he needed heart surgery, and $300,000 in medical bills later, flew back home to the Phillipines. Most of us would call that fraud. The Philipino didn't. He just shrugged his shoulders - that is, after all, how our system works. And he wasn't responsible for payment.