How about Identifying Yourselves?


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Since most of us agree that whoever posts on this board should not hide behind their screen names, why don't we all post something about ourselves, like where we're from, what type of product do you focus on etc. No need to be bashful now! I'll even start.

I am Kris Willy (K = 1st letter for Kris and Dub is short for W) originally from the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. I moved out to Colorado over 4 years ago and love it! I've been in the insurance field for just about 2 years now and absolutely love what I do and take it very seriously. (Yes I am still considered a newbie but read and learn as much as I can in this field) I started in the biz with Aflac, then moved on to Mega (dumbazz), then on to Combined/AON as a captive agent, and now am working as an independent broker focusing on health insurance.

I am 28 years old, have a wife of 2 years, 2 step sons and a 4 month old daughter. I enjoy long walks on the beach, candle light dinners......I'm joking! In my free time I play competitive softball and like to watch baseball and football. I'm still a fan of the Twins and Vikings and sure hope there are no Packer fans in might cause problems. :P

I am looking forward to helping out others in the biz who are just starting and vice versa! The hardest part of this biz is getting off the ground, especially if your newly licensed. Learn as much as you can kids, knowledge is power in this field! (Of course being able to sell helps too!)

Kris Willy
Colorado Health Solutions
Denver, CO
The 411 on Bob

My name is Bob Levine, and I have been in the insurance business since 1997. I began with Berkshire Life Insurance Company, and shortly thereafter, Guardian bought out Berkshire, here in Georgia. That is when I became independent.

My insurance agent, who got me into the business, split cases with me, and fed me some cases, so that I could get up and running.

I work out of my house, in Decatur, Ga.

I am a big believer in networking, and don't believe in buying leads. I go to Networking events, meetings for people who are looking for work (I find out about companies moving here, hiring, and growing in the area), and conduct seminars around town.

Health and Long-Term Care are my two strong suits. My market is individuals/families and small businesses (50 employees or less). These are the people that the MDRT agents overlook. I am NOT variable licensed, nor do I want to be. I partner up with those agents, and become their "health" guy for their clients.

I'm a Washington Redskins fan, and can be found at the sports bar around the corner from me, every Sunday, from 12:30pm to 7:00 pm. Needless to say, my wife drops me off and picks me up.

I have a client who owns a disc jockey service, and during the month of December, I DJ some company Christmas parties and Weddings. I figure, if I can help keep him in business, he can help keep me in business.

I am a native Atlantan, but don't have a Southern accent. Was raised by two northerners (Dad, from Chicago - Mom, from NY).

My wife is a Social Worker, and I have two children. My daughter is in the Marching Band (plays Baritone), Jazz Band (plays Alto Sax), and Concert Band (Contra Bass Clarinet). She is also a straight A student, and takes all AP (Advanced Placement) courses. This past Summer, she took an advanced Biology course at Georgia Tech, and she is entering the 10th grade.

My son plays Trumpet, plays Basketball, and makes mostly A's, with one B on his progress report. He received a prize for selling the most cheesecakes and cookie dough for the band's last fundraiser. He's a trooper.

That's all from here.
My name is Bob Vineyard, and I hail from Sandy Springs, GA a new city just north of Atlanta.

Married to a Social Worker (Rachel) for 31 years. Son is "finishing up" at Ga Tech on the 9 year Bachelor program in Computer Science. Daughter just transferred from UGA to Ga State and is majoring in photography. She will probably graduate with one of those 6 year Bachelor degrees.

I have been in the business for longer than most of you have taken a breath of air but still consider myself a youngster.

Rachel & I grew up down the road (or maybe it is up the road) from James (TNman) in Knoxville. I have a Bachelor's degree with a major in insurance from UT. Moved to Chattanooga after graduating and learned the large group business from a local broker, formerly group VP for Provident. Left there after a year and moved to Birmingham then to Atlanta where I ran the local group & pension office for MONY. Opened up a regional office covering the southeast for a major stop loss underwriter in 1986 and stayed in that position until '93 when I opened my own stop loss MGA.

Bottom fell out of that in 2000, cost me close to $1M. I left the business for almost 4 years then came back and focused on personal production, working with small businesses & individuals looking for health insurance.

I never should have left.

One of my mentors told me years ago the only thing we have to sell is credibility and I took it to heart. I just show folks the way to get the most value for their money and never recommend anything I would not buy if I were in their shoes.

Most folks seem to appreciate that.
:D Chad Thibodeaux- Thibodeaux Insurance Services. Ok I got my first taste of insurance when I was 18. I met A.L. Williams. Too young and in college at the time. Introduced to Primerica in 1996 and worked part-time with them until 2004. Got P&C and series 6 licensed right away. One thing I learned from one of the big hitters was "be like a siv and not like a sponge." Got into final expense after that. Got my health license and hope to start doing some health and some med supps. Love to work with elders. Also have been working with the post office since 92. Took a part-time job in 2002 to pursue my love for insurance. Love to read and listen to tapes. I believe I can contribute to this board by helping others locate a book or set of tapes they want. Feel free to email me at anytime.

Been married to Danna since 1992. Three kids-Daughter 13 and 2 boys 10 & 4. Danna is a stay at home mom. Daughter is in several clubs and oldest son won state champs in little dribblers last year.

Really enjoyed input from others and have received a ton of ideas.
I am currently helping the Regional Manager for a medicare advantage plan do some recruiting in LA,TX and MS. This career has been wonderful in meeting clients and fellow colleagues .

Thanks to everyone.
Yes, hello, greetings. My name is Michael Haislip. I've been here in the Boondocks of Tennessee for all of my 26 years.

I got started working for Liberty National, which basically owns the market locally. I focus on senior products, mainly easy issue whole life for final expenses. I've been trying to increase my health sales since April, but a $3000 annunal premium doesn't seem fly in this impoverished area. Oh well, I'll keep trying.

I fish quite often, but I never catch anything. Still, it's fun. I'm an avid fan of college football.

I'm not married, no kids, no pets.

That's about it. I'm not all that interesting. Thanks for the advice I've gotten from you guys.
James from Maryville TN, man is St Joseph TN close to Deerlick TN? LOL

Oh well like several others here married to Social Workers so is my wife a Case Manager for UTMC or a Social Worker. Yet my main hobby is photography and still do weddings and, I don't like the DJ's that take pictures and constantly get in my way! :lol:

Yet the only reason I'm here in TN is for Appalachia and the mountains, one day I assume I'll retire to my studio and gallery in this area or maybe around Asheville NC. My main interest is B/W photography and Platium Printing, Insurance is basically a income that allows me time off as needed. Outside of likeing the idea of helping people in their needs it also allows me to play roles that may or may not be reality.
My name is Sean Russell and I live up in the mountains in Vail, CO, working from my home office. I am a ski bum at heart, and have been in the insurance industry for about a year now. In my previous life, I did technical sales for about 10 years in the Telecom/ Internet sector. My focus is now on individual health insurance.

I started off with MEGA and had a good manager that taught me the ropes, but quickly figured that I needed to get out and offer the best health insurance possible. I remember reading the entire NASE thread one day and thought, "Holy @#!$, what have I done?!?" With the advice of STI and Petrowski (who has helped me immensely), I have been on my own providing health products to my clients that I am proud to offer.

This forum has been very beneficial to me and I appreciate everyone's advice and guidance.
My name is Mark Regino. A friend of mine was in the MP biz with ACA and PrimeAmerica(I think) back in 2000. He failed with both companies. Another friend talked with him and they started up their own company here in North Texas(D/FW)
That was about 4 yrs ago. I started up with them last Oct then went fulltime in Nov.
I'm a 36yr married guy with 3 childeren. I am/was a workout freak until I went

At the moment I only sell MP but want to add health to my protfolio. Work from home and try to keep going everyday for my family.

I have tried lots of things in my life such as carsales man, carlot manager, transmission salesperson,singer(yes,i said singer)District Trainer for a photgraphy company,DJ.
But I love what I do and believe in the product. Hope to be great at what I do and offer to ppl.
Don't want to be another insurance salesperson on the block.