How do I become an independent agent?


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I am trying to figure out how I would become a new independent insurance agent?

I have a life, health, accident and annuity license.

I am very interested in starting up a website to run quotes and gather leads in my local area.

Can anyone give me a quick list of Do's and Don't's?

How do I approach an insurance company about being an indy for them?

Thank you all so much for all the advice I read in this forum daily. This is such a valuable site on the Internet.

Soon I have to decide if I want to go with State Farm as an agent working for a phenominal agent or becoming an indy.

Well, (and if I'm wrong, anyone more knowledgeable on this board is welcome to contradict me), if you have a L&H license, I wouldn't think that working with State Farm would be a good fit. Are you going to also get your Property and Casualty licenses? If so, I can understand going with them. But, on a life and health level, I wouldn't think that State Farm would be nearly as competitive on commissions, as being an independent agent would?

As far as what it takes to be an independent L&H agent, it isn't that complicated. You will need to contact some quality companies (e-mail me, and I'll give you the names of my companies), and just ask for Agent Licensing. However, that having been said, most folks agree that for a new independent L&H agent, that it is recommended that you have at least 6 months worth of living expenses in reserve. The reason being, that it will take at least 6 months of HARD work, in order to build up your statement to the point at which it can provide for you expenses (IMO). As far as don'ts, don't ever start with NAA, and never sign a contract with an Independent Marketing Organization-General Agent that includes a "Non-Compete" provision, or anything else that would impede you from doing business after you leave that Agency.

Good Luck,

Thanks for the message. I can't email you until I make 20 posts. I'll get there some day soon, but I do have some questions..

Since I am married, my husband is taking care of all the household bills. So that isn't a problem.

I have a life, health, accident, disability and annuity license in PA.

What is an MAA? I think that's what you siad (can't see your post right now to verify it)

Just type NAA in the search box (you will find the button on the top of the page). You will have plenty of info at that point.

The auto agents want you to produce Life Ins. apps for them because they get the credit for the ones you sell. Yes you'll get commission and some credit in a round-a-bout way, but the State Farm guy will be Mr. Big if you sell a load of life apps. The good point is that you would get to work his Client Database and would have built in leads.
Would a company like TRITUS be a good place to start for a newbie who wants to be an Independent agent ?

I am just not sure if they have non-competes and/or would do a release.

Hi Sagamore, don't let my newbie status affect your sentiments towards my opinion. If you work for the State Farm agent, you'll be stuck in a place that doesn't specialize in Life, Health, & Annuities. State Farm's niche is p&c. They refer health business to a local guy or slam you into Assurant.

If you're shooting to become a SF agent to have your own office, Godspeed. Otherwise, find a GA or MGA that you feel good about that offers EXTENSIVE training. If their giving you leads, it coming out of your commission somehow. Don't sweat that. Just learn all you can. Knowledge is the key to everything!
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Thanks so much.

My husband wants me to take the SF job so that there's a regular paycheck. But that of course depends on if there is any regular salary or draw.

I wonder, if I should go with the association I see posted here for health insurance and work that and cross sell life, how will that affect my getting enough of the correct training?

I'm quite the loner as far as work is concerned. I always did do my own thing.

But now I want to take my first steps into the public arena correctly and with some smarts about it.

If I'm reading correctly, I'll need to contact some companies to become appointed to and start selling the health policies.

I have an idea for prospecting. I typed up a six question survey that I'm going to pass out to people at bingos in the area. The first line reads.

"I'm not selling anything"

Because I am not selling right now. But I am basically asking what insurance companies they like and will they help me pick out a place to work? What companies do they have? Would they want an Insurance agent that kept in contact with them monthly quarterly or yearly? Would they prefer receiving a piece of mail, phone call or email. What do they like about their agent? What do they dislike?

Then I will collect them right there on the spot. If they wish to fill out their contact info, they can. But my philosophy of providing excellent customer service will be mention in two or three sentences.

At this rate I think I will have some people to work with by offering them a free insurance analysis as a thank you for filling out the survey.

What do you think?

It sounds like its worth a try. I assume that you would be dealing with senior citizens/ Medicare Supp clients, if you're targeting Bingo places. If you can make some sales this way, try cross-selling final expense life insurance to the same people. FE pays great commissions, usually.