How to get top contracts

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I traditionally have gone straight to the company. An agent I know went through an agency to certify with Pyramid and they are paying him $320.00 per app. I went directly to Pyramid and am getting $350.00 per app. Anthony is my "main man" there. His phone number is 877.205.4648 Ext. 2337 incase you are not already certified with them. Tell him Frank suggested you call him, I don't think he will hang up on you. :)

Some companies are no longer accepting agents unless they go through a marketing company. When I licensed with Continental Life to sell Med Supps I went to the company. I am very pleased with my commission rate. It is the highest of all the companies I represent.

I would suggest that you call the companies you want to license with and ask them if you can contract direct with them or if you have to go through someone else. If they say you do, then ask for suggestions. Call their suggestions and see who has the better offer.

Be sure to tell them that you have two years in the senior market with a substantial book of business and that you are not looking for an "entry level" commission. All things are relative.

I haven't licensed with anyone new in a while so things may have changed since then. I know that you can now get a better contract on Continental Care plans than what Continental Life is giving. Mary can give you the number to call.

If you woule like to call Continental Life as for Georgia Fletcher in Marketing Ext 393. She is a sweetie. Their number is, 800.445.4254.

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Sorry it took so long to respond. If you're still in business I can probably help you.

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