I am a new agent need advice on Companies


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I am a newly licensed health and life agent. I am undecided on who to work for either United American or work for a broker selling a new major medical product called Avalon here in Florida. I hear alot of negative things about U A help what should I do??
I have 20 years now, off and on. I went with UA twice, hoping to just blow in there and sell a few and get a management position and try and train some people to sell and do things right. Lost cause. The system they have is all wrong. The basic premise of their existence- is all wrong.
Run away from UA. And Paul (Moonlight) should be able to shed some light on Avalon - that's his back yard.

Ditto to UA - they run recruiting ads around here like it was goin' outta style! There must be a reason why....

As to Avalon - do both group and ifp. Specialize in HDHPs. Group better than IFP. Based here in Tampa. Real new - my fear is another Imerica.

I've done handful of IFPs with them. Nothing special, only marginally competitive in West Coast area from Tampa Bay to Ft Myers.

Biggest problem is lack of brand recognition...
The system they have is all wrong. The basic premise of their existence- is all wrong.

Couldn't have said it better myself...! :D

How UA stays in business is just beyond me. I spent a few months there and walked away amazed that they continue to stay in business. One GA I know writes UA on a 60% contract...SIXTY! And he still doesn't sell it.

Amymonica, I don't have any specific suggestions for going captive...but there are bound to be some good companies out there. UA just isn't one of them...you'd be doing both yourself AND your future clients a favor by not selling these products. I've got all kinds of nightmarish accounts where UA clients used their coverage and got shafted. May be due, in part, to douchebag agents misrepresenting the products...but it's also a crappy product. Flex + is a joke...and it doesn't come cheap, either!

Just say no to UA!
May be due, in part, to douchebag agents misrepresenting the products...

The number of outfits recruiting/training(?) agents that are liars, thieves and charlatans is becoming mind-boggling.

I had a conversation with a noob today. The crap that these GAs feed to these poor new folks is incredible! Out and out lies about the competition, product, etc.

It's an embarassment to the profession.

Almost makes me want to hire and train some newagents so they can learn an honest, ethical, practical - and effective way to do it...

Then I come to my senses.

Yea, I hear about this kind of thing a lot. It really is an embarrassment to our profession...but more than that, it hurts people who are trying just to do the right thing by getting their families coverage. That is the bigger issue here. I think I can get over some embarrassment and continue to be honest and ethical with my clients, but it's hard to tell that to someone who had crappy coverage, needed it, and are now in a deep hole. I got out of UA because I couldn't sleep at night.

Sucks when skulls full of mush get filled with the kind of disinformation that UA and their ilk, it's not doing anyone any good...except for the unit and branch managers, of course.

Sad situation indeed...
UA sucks. I wish they would just fall off the face of the earth. Companies like this just make people hate insurance companies.

I remember when I was getting trained. "Tell them it covers their hospital stay and 100% of surgical costs" "But it's only to $7500 on surgery, right." "Yeah, but just tell people that it covers 100% of surgical costs"


Soooo glad I got away from them.

What about going captive on the life side with a good company?

I work for AGLA. Overall I'd say its a pretty good spot. I've got my complaints, but I've always had some support there and no unethical BS!