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After several years of selling mostly term via telesales, I took a 2-year sabbatical to work on technology projects. I have concluded my tech dance and will be back to selling ins via telesales and have decided I want to lead with health (ACA, ancillary) (to build a residual book) and cross-sell life when the opportunity presents itself.

I am hoping I can get some input as to potential IMO/FMO and what is a competitive commission structure by product. I have read good things about Western Marketing, so they are on the list. As for resources (as I will need to learn much of this) it seems like Peek Performance and ACHP both have significant training info - but much is restricted until contracted.
So if any of the health vets can point out a good IMO and ballpark what to expect (without any production) as commission on ACA, DHV, and HIP plans, I am appreciative. Thanks, Jim
Hi Jim,

I work for Western Marketing if you have any questions about us I highly recommend giving us a call!
-Taylor Gardner

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