What happens when a person turns 65 and is on ACA?

Yes you will . Humana and United will take away the trueup and reapply it . I like to do this with Humana the most . Humana is the only company that doesn’t make the full chargeback for rapid disenrollment in the first 3 months . Example . Your write someone new to Medicare Jan 1st . Thats around $600 or $50 per month ( $25 on the regular mapd comp and $25 on the true up comp or $50 total per month) . If your client bolts this month before April 1st Your get a full $600 chargeback with all carriers accept Humana as its a rapid disenrollment. Humana only charges you back the 9 months and they let you the 3 months . Now if you move someone to a dsnp with Humana that was new to Medicare Jan 1st you lose nothing . Humana charges back the 9 months and credits back the 9 months on the new plan . With United you lose the full 12 months on both sides (regular mapd and true up and get credited back the full 9 months on the new dsnp). United treats it like a rapid disenrollment .

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Tax credits and plan continue until you cancel it. Nothing automatically is done by Marketplace

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