I guess I like Suze again!

Got the same email. I love Assurant, they are my fave company by far. Problem is here in Florida, their HSA rates are uncompetitive. UHC/GR is 30-60% lower in most cases...and renewal increases are about the same for both companies. I wonder if Suze knew that....
Suze also needs to know that a lot of pre-ex conditions are covered from day one - especially if someone has credit for prior credible coverage. I love the HSA and Assurant nod but she's clearly no health expert. And I'm glad Assurant is more competitive than GR in MD. I'd have a hard time concentrating on GR since I think they're underwriting is much harder. Too many riders. They also don't have any "middle of the road" copay plan in MD. It's the Copay Select or 20 steps down to the Copay Saver. Also don't like that clients don't have an option to change the coinsurance or not select a copay option to lower their rate. GR needs to get more flexible plans.

You are correct that Assurant is not very competitive down there, or in some other states. But then again, no company is competitive in every state they write business in.
The lady who was calling is just said she had a condition that "usually got in the way" of getting health insurance. That most likely means she's applied before and either been ridered or denied.
Assurant is good on paper -- because it is probably the most complete policy out there. But make no doubt about it. IN the first year they totally suck about paying claims. They have one year wait on anything preventive.... their reimbursement rates for doctor visits and such SUCK!

Golden rule wipes them up. The are cheaper. Their negoiated rates kill everyone in the industry because of their ties to united health care..

they only guys out their stopping golden rule from taking over is BCBS Blue Options -- and Golden Rules STUPID association. I think they should just give in and get regulated. Their policies are top to bottom -- the best -- but they have that stupid associated that scares people.