I want insurance leads to stop.


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Here is my 2 cents:

Since you all buy up insurance leads, I get 50 calls a day for Medicare, and I am 45. Outsourced, to countries like India, etc. I AM SO TIRED OF IT!

Now, throw on another 50 calls per day for ACA. I can't talk to my client without a ding call coming in.

Also, they are SOOOOOO aggressive, that they will...THEY WILL take your clients from you. They don't give a shit about you, or your client. So, you buy a lead. OMG...you wrote them up. Now, you got John - from Pakistan...you changes your lead. THE SAME DAMN LEAD YOU GOT AND PAID! You have a chargeback now. And HE DIDN'T REQUIRE A RECORDING!

Here is where you dummies don't think 2 feet ahead: Now, CMS puts more rules on us. Not the FB, or other companies who SELL our info. We must have even signed consent forms. We must now do SOA's 48 hours ahead. WE must do this and that. Keep buying those leads!

Goood. GO FOR YOUR FKING leads. Keep buying them, and learn not to network.

As for the US GOVT OIG...Worthless. I have contacted several times to complain. I have said this is Fraud on ppl. Crickets. I once had an appt from DC to call me...they never did.

So be part of problem, or be a solution. I'm outta here! :)
Not to mention that Habbid will hang up on you if you ask a question or two, will not disclose what agent or agency he is calling for, says his name is John when you know darn well that overseas callers are not named John, and his agent fails to realize that I will write my own policy when the time comes.