Individual Health Closing Techniques??

Tar Rat

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So, obviously I'm a noob to the health biz. I've done sales before but I could use some help developing closing rebuttles for health policies. They like the policy, they want the policy, they can afford the policy, but when it comes time to fill out the app, they wet their pants and run off crying. What do I need to tell these people so they'll send their applications back? Any thoughts? (Note: I am actually professional and polite with my clients, unlike my behavior on these forums)
Fill the application out with them while they are on the phone and you shouldn't have to worry about anything.
The sooner we get the application submitted, the sooner you will have the coverage. Please keep the following in mind, as you deliberate:

  1. The underwriting process takes anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. It's a "first come, first serve" situation. Your application gets the same attention and time as all the others.
  2. Something as simple as waiting to get the physicians' statements can sometimes take several weeks.
  3. The quote is only good for 30 days. That doesn't mean that on the 30th day, you call me, and tell me that you are mailing in the application. That won't work. It will get there too late.
  4. I've got a link to that company's application on my website. Please feel free to fill it in at your convenience. That will give you the time to find the physician's address and numbers, as well as all the other details you need. (this actually works in reverse - the more time you say you are giving them, the sooner they actually complete it online)
Beyond that, leave the information with them, and tell them if they have any questions, please contact you. Follow up in a month. Move on. There are more people out there.
Totally agree John. I used to sell electronic equipment. If someone wasn't totally committed, I'd tell them not to buy. I didn't want the equipment coming back and hitting my future commissions (lapsing in insurance). Rarely did I have things returned and I sold a ton!
I went on an appointment today, husband and wife both in their 40's, no kids and no coverage. Showed them a few plans, then the husband mistakely thinks I'm selling siding or something, starts giving me reasons why he shouldn't sign up. I literally didn't say a word. When he was done I put my materials back in my briefcase, stood up and reached out to shake his hand. He was stunned. I said "I'm sorry but I'm not here to talk you into health insurance. I'm only here to have you choose a plan." He asked me for a card. I said "Who are we kidding" and walked out. No, I didn't give him a card. Par for the course, I also did just over $8,000 in AV today anyway.
That's one funny story. Especially the card thing. BTW, where do I get some cards on the cheap? I bought the print your own card stuff, but thinking I may have gone a little too cheap there.

Also, what's AV?
I get my cards from

Used to get laughed at by other agents, when I told them this. These are the same agents that now get their cards, and letterhead, and brochures, from there.

You can get 250 cards for free. All you pay is the shipping.

I've gone so far as to take my card BACK from a prospect. They asked me why I did that, and my response was, "Roger, it's obvious you don't want to work with me. I've answered all your questions, and yet, you tell me you want to get quotes from other agents, who haven't done the work I did for you. There's something about me that doesn't rub you the right way. That's fine. I'd rather give my card to someone who would call me back, and allow me to provide them my services. Take care."