Inexpensive lead generation



Hey everyone,

Can anyone educate me on inexpensive, but effective lead generation?
(Aside from referrals of course)
I've been told hundreds of times by co-workers to "increase my activity"
I realize that, but isn't there a way to work smarter, not harder?
Any thoughts on that guy Frank Rumbauskas positive or negative?


I think Frank's work is alright and it will get you sales. However, it should not be your only focus when starting out. Personally, cold calling is the fastest, least expensive way to generate leads when you are starting out. Remember, it isn't forever. The key is to work on a marketing program, give good service, and get referrals. After a while, you can start to phase out the cold calling (I'm not there yet).
What is 'inexpensive', and how much of a consideration is that?
If you invest $1500, and generate 60 appointments over two weeks, is that return worth the risk? Risk V. Reward, sometimes a credit card gamble is worth the neck out over the block

The lease expensive way is to get the leads yourself. Dialing manually is very difficult. Many of the agents on this forum license our crm's and make the calls themselves. You can get 2-6 leads per hour doing this. Give me a call personally and will let you demo it for 2 days for free.

If you consider a to at least two different companies. Consider "buying" vs. "leasing". Consider the total cost and upfront fees.

There are a few Board members that can give you the names of a few companies to consider.

By the way...I do not have a crm.

I've been using a dialer system solely for marketing... please don't make the same mistake I did in just relying a dialer for lead generation. You must NOT be " one dimensional " in marketing. Perhaps, send out flyers, pass out business cards, by leads from reputable lead companies, build a website, canvassing BtoB, etc...
You Tube is just rich in ideas for salespeople.

I just found this may wish to explore the other videos also.

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