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Insurance Cards say I'm covered. Company says I'm not.


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Please help!

My auto policy was cancelled for non-payment.

Insurance Co. says I was mailed an invoice & cancellation notice but I can't find either. I never received an email or phone call from an agent.

I've never missed a payment on anything. My credit score is literally 850.

My Proof of Insurance Cards say coverage is valid through 06/2024.

My truck is 1/2 hobby & 1/2 transportation. Its been in my garage since December while I redid the interior & gave it a full tune up. I don't drive it on salted roads.

I only found out my coverage had lapsed when I called to see if towing was included in my coverage in case my mechanical prowess wasn't as good as I thought.

I also only found out my local office was closed when their phone number was no longer in service. I never received any notice of that.

I am more than willing to pay the whole past due amount and pay a full year in advance.

There certainly weren't any claims during the lapsed period. I acknowledge my errors.

What can I do?
Depends on the state and the carrier. Some states have 6 month policies, and they end at 12:01 AM on the date stated on the policy. Some states allow for auto-renewal and those policies will continue for a period of time after the renewal date stated on the policy unless no premium is received. Chances are you did receive a bill and ignored it. There is no obligation for an agent to email or call. The bill was sent and the insurer can prove that the bill went out.
Your carrier might take you back with a lapse, you might get a fine from your state if that is the rule in your state, and you might have to get a new policy which will show a lapse and a higher premium. Was your premium auto debited from your bank account? Probably not.
I gotta ask - Why are you asking this question on this forum? What did your insurance agent say?

The auto card is dependent on the terms and conditions being met in the insurance policy - one of which is that the premium is paid [on time.]

Probably when the insurance card was created, it was valid, a bill went out, got missed and they cancelled your auto policy. This sadly, happens all the time.

Any form of payment less than full pay runs into this risk. Even Full pay that relies on Auto Payments forms, runs this risk.

Stop Driving, Call your Agent, Get the policy reinstatated or Get a new policy. You may need to sign a letter and show new photos.
ID card means nothing. It is your equity balance. It sucks that you didn't get anything in the mail, but it is your responsibility to pay the premium. The current market is not very forgiving so you may have trouble getting this fixed even with a no loss form signed.
I got lucky, Progressive gave me the identical coverage (comprehensive) for only $7 more per month. I just had to by 6 months at a time.