Insurance company will not cooperate in filling out FR 202 form from the SCDMV


My name is Richard. I live in Goose Creek, SC. I was involved in an 3 car accident last year of October 5th. I was at fault and I paid for the damages to other 2 cars out of my pocket. At that time I was not aware that my insurance was lapsed and expired so I paid it out from my pocket. while I treid to call the 3rd insurance company, Insuremax back in March of this year, they told me that the person has not filed the claim yet. After passing of 9 months, last week I called them and they told me that their customer has still did not file the claim. I am trying to cooperate with Insuremax insurance company in filling out FR 202 (Release of Financial Responsibility) form from the SCDMV and they will not cooperate in filling out FR 202 form, they say that they will not take the right away to file the claim from their customer. What do I do now? What steps do I need to take?
Any other alternative option that I can take? How about hiring an attorney?

An attorney is a waste of money. The insurance company is not "legally" obligated to sign the release if it doesn't pay out to its insured. There is nothing an attorney will accomplish at $300 an hour.

You'd be better off hiring a private investigator to track down the person. Then pay the person for a signature.