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Insurance licence cost in Florida?


New Member
Hi there, I'm licence in CA. does anybody knows how long it takes to get Lic. in Florida and how much it cots?...Thank you...Roger
moonlightandmargaritas said:
Florida makes you get appointed in each county (non-resident only) that you want to do business in.

You have to get a county license in addition to the state license? Or is this on the backs of the carriers and they have to do the paperwork?

I was told you only had to get appointed in one county as a NR agent. With all the other BS to go thru, I never followed thru.
Getting a Non Res in Florida is a nightmare. I submitted mine a year ago and I never heard any thing and then I finally was able to get through the hours on hold for a representive and then they kept telling me its pending. They did that for a year and I finally received a letter last month telling me that since I didn't submit some additonal info that was supposedly requested but I was never told about. So I lost out on the $180 or something like that that they charged for the fees. :x