Internet Leads - Do you filter?


I'm looking into trying internet leads again. Haven't used them in about a year. Was using unfiltered and had decent success.

So I was wondering what do other agents do with filters?
Which filters are the best to use?
Are they a waste of money in the big picture when calculating total roi?

Any thoughts?
Depends on your organization.

If you are a one man shop, I would use filters. Why not try to get the best leads possible for your time.

If you are a large multi-person agency that pounds the phones and need a lot of volume, open it up.

When I use shared leads, I filter in this order.

Currently Insured

Not all lead sources charge for filters.
I filter quite heavily. Don't have time to waste tracking down folks (especially when 70% of them never answer their phone) who don't meet my criteria.

Age 25 - 60 (dont want them too young or too old)
Filter for health conditions (uninsurables).
Currently pregnant
Not currently insured, don't want them.

This weeds out a lot.

I can also filter for self employed, previously declined or rated or DUI in past 5 years . . . but I don't.