Jami Rice - IMS - A word of Caution


I used Jami Rice for telemarketing.... The leads were average, nothing special, and every thing STARTED off fine....until...She debited my credit card $300, unearned and unauthorized. She would not return my communication attempts until I posted on this forum and another agent contacted her (thank you , whoever it was)... almost magically... I got a call from her immediately begging me to remove the posts I made telling my truthful experience with her.

She said she would refund my money if I removed the posts... so I contacted a moderator, and requested my posts be removed in compliance with her request so she would give me my money back, and guess what?.... she has sent me 2 emails telling me that she refunded my money...and almost 3 weeks later...nothing...no refund...

I have been trying to contact her daily, with no luck...nothing..she has never returned my money or my attempts to contact her... She has simply evaporated...

Beware, If you are currently using her services.... she just might do the same to you....

She seemed so nice and cooperative, then "BAM" just like that, my money disappeared, and no refund of the unauthorized and UNEARNED funds seem to be in my future...

My advice, dont give your credit card out to her...and do your own telemarketing like John P. and others have...

BTW here is a quote from one of her emails expressing her feelings about insurance agents in general...


Please stop my leads for a few days. I will settle my bill in a few days. Thank You. I will contact you when I get back home."



I had this charge process yesterday. Was this you? If so, why was I charged $600.
JJR INC 816-445-3182 MO JJR INC


Please credit back $300 of which I did not receive leads. Based on this invoice, it says that you charged me an extra $300 for leads from 7-5 to 7-19. I sent you an email on 6-28 asking you to hold off on leads for a while. I have some other things that I need to get resolved, and I am not prospecting or selling right now. That charge is not valid, it is basically a deposit on upcoming leads. Please credit my account back, and I will call you soon. Thank You."


"I just got back in the office and I am not sure what the problem is. I will be MORE than happy to credit back your $300 but I have to give it to my accounting person. I have been out as I have some personal things going on and I also received an email from one of my customers about you bashing me on the Insurance Forum about credit card charges. This is absolutely the worst business I have ever seen. I will give this to my accounting person. It was a HUMAN ERROR. If you would have paid on time then this would not have happened. It will be taken care of. "

"We issued a credit, It takes 3-5 business days. This is the best I can do. The insurance forum is so full of lies. I thought they were going to delete it? This is slander as far as I am concerned. You said the leads were not JUNK. You make me sick. Truly pathetic."

"Those posts have been deleted"

"I DO plan on pursuing this because a lawsuit is what it is going to take to get you to shut your mouth. You are costing A LOT more than $300. If you don't remove the Appraiser forum, I will make sure that companies you work for are notified how unprofessional you are. I won't stoop to your white trash level however I will get a lot of satisfaction seeing you in court. Keep pushing me. It is going to cost you a lot more than $300. I refunded your money what else do you want from me?"

It has now been a week since you said you issued a credit. I am still waiting on my refund. Where is my money? My bank has NO information to provide regarding a pending credit. You put in writing that you DID issue a credit...but I do not see a credit issued, and it has been 1 week..."

"I just spoke to the Merchant processor and it has been done on their end. They are going to find out what day exactly because it should be in your account 3-5 days. They also stated that some banks take 7-10 days. Also, I have handed this over to my Attorney so he will be getting in contact with you as well."

Then she simply disappeared again........

Well...here we are many weeks later with NO refund, and my bank sees nothing coming.......

Guys (and Gals) I am simply an Independent agent out there trying to earn a living like the rest of you...I have been screwed in the past by lead companies, and I am tired of it...so I am putting pressure on her to give me back my money, and to date, she has not, and I really believe she has no intention of ever giving me back my money...I believe that she thinks I will just "go away", and I will "go away" if she would just give me back my hard earned money...she did not earn the money, therefore, it is not right for her to keep it!

I am not in financial pain over this, it is just principle!!!

Hell hath no fury like a __________(well you know the rest)

Good luck out there, agents!

Thanks for the heads up. She seems to be the unprofeesional one here. To think that she can just tke $300 like it is nothing. I hope you did cost her more than $300 because she deserves it. Telemarketers in my opinion are white trash or what ever color trash they are. Everyone of them that I have hired have been drug addicts. Seems to be a trend in the telemarketing arena.

I am sure their are good ones out there but who really needs them? We don't.
I initially thought about telemarketers for myself...now I really need to take that class so I know what I'm thinking I'm attempting to do or something like that...thanks for the heads up on this one
Thanks Sti... for the referral spam LOL... You have been an extremely consistent presence here for many years. Your input is greatly appreciated. It seems you dont ever have hiccups, andf dont fall prey to others, either.

Wisdom, man......... wisdom!!!!!!!! You are the grasshopper!
back in the day that s all we had.....tela leads and depending how they developed most of the time sucked...and these were suppose be contacted just last week...that was fresh.....I got a lead one day that had been dead for 7 mo's....ever had the fun of telling a widow that her dead husband replied to a telemarketer last week needn health insurance rates....to much human error.......when someone has to have X amount of leads per hour to keep their job and pay their bills....Houston we have a problem....

Thanks Sti... for the referral spam LOL... You have been an extremely consistent presence here for many years. Your input is greatly appreciated. It seems you dont ever have hiccups, andf dont fall prey to others, either.

Wisdom, man......... wisdom!!!!!!!! You are the grasshopper!
How ironic when I saw this thread.

I started using Jami about three months ago. I have been somewhere in between satisfied and slightly dissatisfied. There was a minor billing concern, but nothing that major. Yesterday, I emailed her that I wished to terminate her services. I gave various reasons. She told me I have to buy 30 days more worth of leads as per our "contract." Oddly, she never met the terms of that so called "contract."

I'm going to hold off on any bashing, because she has not (to my knowledge) made any unauthorized withdraws from my credit card. But I will check my past statements VERY closely tonight.

In my opinion, she never lived up to her part of the contract, so she's not going to get another month of leads from me. I owe her for July and August and I told her I will pay for those leads. And I told her, that I would consider using her again in November. And I would...if her act is cleaned up.

Jami...if you're reading this (and of course you are)...may I suggest you handle billing discrepancies (like the one with Producer) much better.

She did not fulfill her contractual agreement with me on the production side of things either..... anyways...

It amazes me that you simply emailed her, and she replied!

I email her EVERYDAY SINGLE DAY asking for an update as to "where is my money"! I have even asked her to simply supply me with "verification that her merchant has processed the credit request as she stated in writing to me, and that would suffice," because at that point it would be out of her hands, and simply taking longer to process than expected, and guess what?

According to my bank, because I used a debit card, the refund would have been immediate.

But, No replies.
She used to respond immediately to me as well in the beginning (of course she was performing a service for me and had not been paid yet!, so yea... she was responsive then)

but after she realized that I was not going to continue to use her because I was dissatisfied....

Mabye she stopped responding to me because:

1. She knew that I was not very satisfied with her services. I was constantly requesting credits because many people were uninsurable, or she sent the same "exclusive" leads to me and other agents, and I caught her doing it, or the prospects told her they had no interest in a quote, and she still sent it to me. I requested credits for many, many leads, because if the quality of them.

2. She overcharged me, and knew it.

3. She never had any intentions to refund my money, and feels that she will get the last laugh.

4. She thinks that she can get away with it

5. Mabye she has done this in the past and no one did anything about it.

This is just speculation, I dont know for sure... I just want justice...