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I just joined the forum yesterday. I wanted to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Thomas. I reside in Ohio, and I just recently got licensed.

I will be selling with New York Life. After doing much research and talking with several local organizations I felt like New York Life was the company that could help me get my career going. I spoke with Bankers, Western-Southern, American Income, National Agents Alliance, and Combined Insurance. I hope that I made the correct company choice.

Although, my ultimate goal will probably be to become independant, I felt like the resources that NYL has to offer as well as the training; will be invaluable to my career.

Thanks in advance for any advice. I am sure that I will learn plenty from this forum.
Welcome Thomas - my name is Tom - legally Thomas as well.

I'm new as well . . .

My good friend Tim Ward is a NYL agent in Savannah, GA. He has been for over 20 years and I doubt he will ever leave.

He is my agent. When my wife Gail died suddenly in 1997 at the young age of 30 - I called him at home and he was there for me. NYL is a great company. Good luck to you on your quest and happy selling . . .

Hi Thomas. I also live in Ohio. Based on the companies you mentioned, I believe you made the correct choice.

Enjoy the Forum...and enjoy all of the snow we are going to get Friday.

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