Know Your Auto Insurance!


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Did you know that 95% of the time, your vehicle will not be repaired correctly if you use a body shop recommended by your insurance company. That is a fact. If a body shop has been pre-selected for you by your insurance company, you should know that they will pocket a kickback in exchange for your patronage. That is a another fact. This results in such shoddy repairs that many vehicles are later totaled by expert inspectors due to unsafe condition or the tremendous cost of re-repair. It is the purpose of this spam site is to inform the consumer of these practices and make them as aware as they can possibly be when it comes to buying auto insurance or making a claim with your current insurance company.
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well he was a spam site....I took it out of his post.....if he really wanted to play with us he will be back.....
He won't... he _is_ a spammer. He's spammed many insurance sites. One other using the username of USA. On that site, he made 3 of the same posts, one right after the others. He's trying to get his site ranked on

Not to mention that it's clear he has NO idea what he's talking about. That is obvious.
so you have a partner in spam.....


Well, now I know why you thought it was spam. Didn't know my mate David posted also.
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