Lead Clearance

Wondering if anyone ever had any success with www.leadclearance.com
I wondered if buying 5 day old leads were worth the $3?

Also, what lead programs are your favorites?

Periodically, I will use this service. They are part of QuotesAuction.com

I have only purchased annuity and group health leads less than a day old.

My rate of return has been excellent, but only because of a 401K rollover on one of the cases. The gentleman worked about two minutes from my office and was familiar with the work we do in the area.
I used to do well with leadco.biz, hometownquotes, insureme, and localinsurance.
I can add to that list: norvax and superleads but I have not seen any big difference in any of them. Except for pricing and customer service. Watchout for anyone that does not take credit cards and don't sign a big contract for 90 days or whatever. Any reputable company should let you cancel pretty quickly, otherwise they don't have confidence in their product.
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