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I much prefer leads that volunteer as opposed to those that are drafted. Volunteers have raised their hand, indicating they are looking for insurance.

Draftee's sometimes say yes to a solicitation just to get rid of the solicitor, or because they are duped into providing information they think will be used for other purposes.

Please don't tell me you actually believe the information you gave for the car you hoped to win at the mall will only be sent to the dealer sponsoring the give away.

So in looking at sources, I found one today that looked intriguing.


Targeted leads in my zip for $40/month. Not great but not bad either.

While researching, I wanted to see what kind of info was collected for health leads and, just as important, who the data is sold to.

So I click on


which is right there on the sign up page.

Rather than making up bogus info, I use my real name, etc to see what kind of questions are asked and what happens as I move along.

After completing the submission there is a button that I can push to see who is going to get my information.

The answer appears in the attached file.

I don't plan on calling myself to make a sale, but I do expect multiple calls & emails before the week is up.
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Ah yes...Health Benefits Direct...a fine bunch.

Curious...Is there any way to predict the number of leads you will receive for your zip coe? I notice the $40 buys just one zip. ($20 for additional zips).

If you get 10 leads in a month...that's not too bad. If you get four, considering 5-6 other agents are getting the lead as well...that's not so good.
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The real question is, how many leads do you end up with? The fact that people are aware that only someone near their zipcode will be in touch definitely makes a difference, but from a purely economic perspective, how much are they going to market, if there is no incentive to generate extra leads?

To actually get ranked for terms like health and life insurance takes years and a ton of money. the main way that they generate their leads is with pay per click, so if you sign up at $40, and they give you 3 leads a month, and you don't cancel, then they have no incentive to generate any more leads for you. That would be just "wasting their profits" in a manner of speaking
No idea. I suppose you can call the folks and ask. Not sure what kind of answer you will get. I sure it will sound much better than it really is.

OK, call me cynical.
I was curious, so I looked, it looks like there are about 43,000 zip codes in America. Of course that doesn't really matter, since some are very big and some are very small, but it seems to me that some zips should cost more than others.
I understand and hear you clearly, Sam.

Lead generation is a cash cow. I may decide to quit this business and become a lead generation & marketing guru.

Heck of a lot more money there than what I am doing.

I expect to have my "Secrets to Making a Fortune in my Underwear While Only Working 1 Hour Per Day" available for download any day now. Soon it will be available on CD. I may even put it on 8 track for retro crowd.

The eBook will probably sell for $99.95 but if you order now I will give you a 50% discount and throw in a FREE word processor.

Millions of this word processor have been sold for upwards of $100 but this will be yours, absolutely free.

It comes complete with a free pocket sharpener to keep the point keen for writing down valuable information.

You joke, but I bet lots of us would buy it! If you are going to get a guru's book, why not one from someone who has actually sold a few policies in his time?

As far as your initial point goes, I wonder how you feel about the middle ground. Of course, today, pop ups are the scourge of the earth. It was too many to quickly, so now everyone hates them, but assuming that you had a lead generator a few years ago that used pop ups, how would you feel about those leads?
They were not actively seeking insurance, as if they were search generated, but they also did not have to click through and enter all of their info.
My pop up blocker works quite well. (No old man jokes, please).

Guess I just assume most everyone else is using one from Google, Yahoo or the others as well.

There are no perfect lead generation systems. I use a number of methods & sources including shared internet leads, telemarketing, minimal web promotion, answering questions in public forums (live & online), newsletters, etc.

Some months I have all the business I can handle from referrals. Lately, more have been coming from shared leads & being the public "answer man".

When I use lead generation, I figure it takes me about 40 leads or so to get a feel for whether or not this is going to be a good source. Some do very well and then eventually start to diminish in quality. That is when we have a come to Jesus talk about either cleaning up their act or losing me as a client.
In about 90 minutes since I entered my data, I have received 5 phone calls & 1 email.

3 of the phone calls & the 1 email from Health & Life direct. Each one thanked me for my online application and wanted to congratulate me on my decision.