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Crabcake Johnny

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I just got this email from Leadco - don't know if anyone's looking for a shared lead source. When I used them I closed my fair share and they had what was in my opinion to be the best return policy:

I need quotes for Health Insurance. Can you help me?

We are hearing this about 17,000 times a month and we need your help to make sure our clients get the best available service from professionals like you. We have clients that are requesting an agent to contact them in Perry Hall, MD and we would like you to help us service this area.

We have made it easier to do business with Leadco.biz

Updated information about Leadco::

Now you can Set up a schedule for leads (example: Mon- Thursday 11am to 7pm)
Now you can Set up to receive a maximum number of leads per day
Now you can get the lead text messaged to your cell phone the second they submit it!
Quote requests are initiated by the client they are not solicited in any way.
All of our Leads are delivered in Real time. Agents are reporting increased closing rates.
Under 24 year old clients are FREE! You just return for credit, no charge.
Industry best return policy.
Don't want Auto deposit, No Problem. You add funds when you want to.

We invite you to Re-Activate your account today by calling 877-532-3261
Account profile info:
Leadco.biz and click on client login.
Lead company - Leadco
Username - 15**
Password - John****

Stacy Stanfield
Leadco Marketing
877-532-3261 ext 3

100% Search Generated
100% Non solicited
100% Good Lead Guarantee
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I have talked with Stacy about 3-4 times. I signed up with Leadco a few months ago.

The Good:

Most of the information is accurate that you receive. Supposedly, only 3-4 agents receive the lead. My closing ratio with them is as good as any others I have used. Also, good return policy. All calls returned pretty quickly.

The Bad: A lot of health conditions slip through their filters. Supposedly, they target the self-employed. Most of the leads are not self-employed. For a while, it seemed as if NetQuote was being forwarded the names of these leads. That may have stopped. A DIRECT link to EHEALTH is provided. It sticks out like a sore thumb.

Summary- Well...I'm still with them so I guess I'm satisfied.
What I liked about them is they gave me the volume I needed. I had other leads sources with slightly higher closing percentages which was neither here nor there when I only got 8 leads a week.
I have had moderate success with Leadco, and I am attempting to get into this same program you mentioned above...

My issue has been MANY leads coming from economicly depressed areas from people who have unrealistic expectations when it comes to price, etc. They seem to lead the way with these types of leads, as well as bad health filtering as mentioned. Service is pretty decent though, hopefully I can stay with them under new program they offer.
Granted. When I used them they were one of the only companies along with NetQuote that could give me the volume I needed. Anything less than 15 a day and forget it. Also, I think I was paying $7.50 per lead but because of their return policy it averaged out to around $5 a pop.