Lists to telemarket from?

I use the Reference USA database from my library for free (they are the parent company of Sales Genie). I can access the database remotely from my office or home and I download the people I want to call into an excel spreadsheet. I can do searches by region (zip, county, metro area, ect.) and by industry type. I can specify the range of employees and get the contact person's name and position in most cases. I would check with your local library to see what's available.
goleads and reference usa are fine for b2b, but trvlnut is looking for individuals also.
You can buy your lists for individuals from caldwell lists for a good price or sign up for sales genie.
I broke down and invested in sales genie $150/month unlimited access and I love it. Debated for a long time before doing it but I have the best data and that is half the battle. It also has some good features like contact manager and label printing. I like to change my demographics often and this access allows me to do that too.
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Thanks all. I checked out Reference USA briefly and it looks good.

Kyle: What type of demographics do you search for the individual business?
I am currently testing different things to see which works best. My goal is to do small mailings to market types that have bought from me and follow up with phone calls on every mailing. That is why I like is allowing me to change things as often as I want to. Right now my target is T65 with income under $40k for medicare supplements...that may change with next weeks mailing...we will see.
How many leads are you downloading daily and weekly Kyle and how long have you been a subscriber... John P. mentioned some things about SG a short while ago and I also found out some things about their "download" capabilities and decided against using them.