Looking for a good Health Ins. to sell.....


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I've been painting and papering for 31 years, dealing with people
and asking for sales, giving prices without fear.

I've been internet marketing for 8+ years, advertising to 300,000+
every two days.....and learning to overcome phone reluctance.

I'm burnt out with the fumes, and want to sell insurance.
I was looking at NASE, but quickly saw through that!


I need a format with good pay and bennies.

Where do I start looking?

If you're looking for a salary and benefits I'd simply call some of your local insurance agencies. Some might be willing to take you on with a small salary. My buddy in MD works selling group and employee benefits with Lincoln Financial Advisors. He has a desk, base pay and leads.

And you saw through NASE before joining? That already makes you much smarter than me. Maybe you should be giving me advice:-)