Looking for heath coverage in VA


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Hi folks. Newbie here, living in Virginia. I'm having a hell of a time getting insurance because i'm self-employed, and have had back surgery about a year ago, and am on a couple non-related prescription medications. As far as I know, everything's fine, and I don't mind paying some money if I break my arm, I just want to not be wiped out if I get cancer or something.

Anyway, because of the back surgery, nobody will touch me. BS/BC will offer me $500 a month and not cover much and have a $2K deductible. So that sucks. But it appears that's about all I can get, or I can get a policy through Mega, which really doesn't sound appealing.

And as a side point, when you do have insurance, you'll see the bill that says "your bill: $275. Insurance paid $50, and that's good enough." Well hell, if all I had to pay was $50, I'd be happy going on my own. THAT's what I really need. How do I get in on that game?

Anyway, this board seems chock full of agents - maybe one of you can help me out.

I'd like to try you through Aetna - they don't exclude pre-existing conditions. Just give me a call at 410-870-0738 and I can tell you today what the Aetna outcome will be before you fill out an application.