marketing continental care product to businesses


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Hey you guys

i just posted this on a reply to another discussion but i wanted everyone to be able to read it.

has anyone tried to market this to businesses yet -- if you have how was it?
im thinking of some ideas this weekend and will post this weekend and try them out on monday..

i know its not Aflac -- but if a business offers health insurance -- or they dont offer it at all -- its something for the employee -

the only drawback is the ages are 30 to 89
but at age 30 it runs only 17 dollars a month -- i think an employer would pay that -- or it could easily be deducted from their paycheck...
what do you think??

because all of the health plans have deductables - this would market to anyone...

just an idea...
I think that it is a good idea but I am not sure about the marketing of that.

Most small businesses have been bombarded by Aflac reps and other insurance agents, to where you walk in with your product and they are already to say no before you even say anything about your product.

I would talk to John in the health boards and ask him how to go about it.
My two cents

Be careful - you may end up with a lot of servicing work as the account rep if the individual has to submit a claim. I've been on calls with Aflac reps for "servicing appts" - WHAT A NIGHTMARE!

If Continental has resources that the individuals who are covered could call, it might be ok. The other piece you may run into are questions about administration of cafeteria plans. Aflac does provide that service to payroll, free of charge.

Even if you can't do it, you'll need to be able to address it.

The pricing seems good, but you may want to really think about the whole payroll market.
Hey Cadylou and Midwest,

thats what i was wondering -- i do know they have already been bombarded with Aflac and such -- imo this is a little different -- it is a very limited plan -- for the younger folks - i dont think they would use the skilled nursing benefit part for a while -- unless they were in an accident -- even the 60 RN benefit -- again unless they were in an accident - but this does pay on top of whatever anyone else pays -- they just need a copy of the bill on discharge and they send a check for $1000 -- so this would primarily in the job market be used for the deductable that has to be paid of course if they have one...
maybe it would be better to have it on a voluntary basis for the job market -- because it cant be automatic for everyone because of the age requirement... and servicing wise -- what part would you service? im being stupid in asking this question -- they do have a number that all policyholders would call as this would be an individual policy...
i mean if they ever had any questions of course they could call me and i could help -- that would be a means actually to get more business -- via life insurance or new health insurance...

just thoughts....

hopefully john does read these posts midwest -- i dont want to repeat on all the boards -- then we would have too many discussions :)

i was also thinking for the seniors -- getting a flyer made up about the cont care product for those who have signed up for the medadvantage plan and leaving them with the pharmacists and doctor offices -- in order to be regulatory i wouldnt state the company cont life... just a plan that would pay the deductable.. etc. etc.. call me

more thoughts..
I am just going to focus on the senior market with this.

I have a call into MSIS about the Continential product. I have info on the GTL, but the Cont sounds like a better deal if you just get a flat check for $1000 for the same amount of premium, and they give leads!

I will give you a call Mary next week.

dont forget about the medsup or medadvantage, a 5k final expense policy, a cont care plan

thats a wrap

and depending on where you live its anywhere from 50 dollars out of pocket for the customer to 0 out of pocket with those plans that are refunding the part b premium..

oops dont forget part d