Mason Dixon Line


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Good afternoon, J.R. here from the lovely state of Maryland. Don't believe everything you read. I tried to find the purported Mason-Dixon line location and could not find the frickin line. Perhaps they didn't have paint back then to mark the area properly. Anyways, onwards.....

Like John, I joined the service right out of high school, however, I chose the USAF as running was never my thing. I worked as a videographer and had the pleasure of working with the USAF and NASA on various video productions in Sunny California and a few other places. After my service obligation ended I moved back to MD with the goal of finishing up my BS in Psychology and make my way into graduate school to become a therapist. Fortunately, I decided to try a career in sales prior to being trained as a psychotherapist and worked a myriad of sales jobs.

Started off selling mattresses and was quite good, but the money was horrible, so I moved onto home improvement sales and although the money was good, the products were not for me as I am not the handy man type of guy. Then I got introduced to NASE when I was deciding between becoming a financial advisor or insurance agent. Took the job, did ok but quickly realized after a few months that it was not for me. I left a few months ago and started my own agency with the sole purpose of selling individual health insurance.

I have come to realize what a disadvantage new agents have in the market place regarding training and support from an "ethical" agent. It is truly a daunting task starting from ground zero, as that is what it has felt like recently, however, I find solace in finding this forum and for the information that all of you have shared with me, as well as the support from family and friends. I look forward to contributing to this forum for many years to come.

Thank you for your time.

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J.R., possibly a male.

Thought salpro was a female hooker.

Guess I was wrong.

HaHa, I see that the education you guys receive down south has increased exponentially. Let me ask you something, what did it feel like when air conditioning was invented? Probably similar to learning that the world is actually round and that you will not fall of the earth if you walk from one side to the other, right!