Med Supp leads on East Coast/Midwest


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Henderson, NV
I have a number of leads for Medicare in states I don't have licenses. Places like New Jersey, Illinois, Mass, etc.

I don't have any idea of any of these will pan out but I have maybe 10-15.

I'm not looking for a commission split, just someone that will reciprocate in the future.

Any takers?

If you have any in IN I would be more than happy to take them off your hands. I would expect the same in return from you though if I needed to get rid of any. ;)
I have noting in either Indiana or Ohio. Having a real problem in CT, MA, NY, IL. Hate to not call these people but most of the leads are a waste of time. Someone already appointed might pick up a case or two.

In the areas I do work, I contacted 46 people in Jualy, wrote 4 policies for an annual of $1,100. Since the leads are free, not a bad deal.

Its ok Rick, you do not have to lie to me. All you have to say is that you don't wanna give the IN and OH leads to me. I am sorry for whatever I did to deserve this kind of treatment. I think I am leaving the forum for good now. Thanks alot.
Where did you get these free leads from?
I promised the source I wouldn't say. But they are all people who had questions about Medicare, Med Supps, or Part D. Like I said, most of the leads suck but there are a few nuggets.

The only reason I'm looking for someone to help is that these people asked for assistance and I hate to just ignore them.