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Medigap Policies Face New Federal Nondiscrimination Rule

I plan to become female at age 69
Did somebody say “69”?
Most agents don’t care about these characteristics if there is commission to be made. I wonder how it would affect the rates though? Would a carrier be obliged to honor a lower rate for intersex?
Lol the govt regulating med sups . All the sup boys have been laughing at mapd regulated agents for yrs . Welcome to the dark side !!! lol
Unisex rates (which some carriers tried before) didn't work out so well. Unisex rates lower rates for males, raise rates for females.

GI raises rates for everyone and lowers commissions.

BD rules also lead to higher rates and lower commissions.

EDIT - GI and BD is redundant. If UW is eliminated you can change plans anytime. Don't need a BD to further muck things up.

If they want to kill the Medigap market this is a way to do it.
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