I just found this site online. Maybe I missed the bus, and if this is old news I am sorry.

This seems to be a way to network with other people in areas that may be good for your business in person, while being able to look over everything online.

It seems like it may be pretty good as you are able to see who is RSVP'D for any one meeting, and then decide if it makes sense to go.

My question: I know that it totally depends on the group itself, but has anyone had any luck with this sort of thing, or are all of the people MLM?


I am a member of a number of groups, none for "business". I have looked into it a bit, one guy I came across is into cash gifting (scam, anyone?) and I would like to be as far away as possible from brainwashed people (as in World Financial (or Lending) Group, Primerica, crap like that. Oh, and I did cancel my "lose weight" program with a guy who sounded like the real deal when I found out he sells Isagenix. We hadn't started it yet, so yes, I'm still fat. WTF!

Meetup is really more of a social networking site. With the more formal groups like BNI, you have to pay some pretty hefty entrance fees, and would be more able to keep out the riff raff. With meetup, I've never seen an annual fee higher than $5 or $10.