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I signed with Net Quote and am now receiving my free leads which by the way, are turning out to be useless. So, does anybody know if I have to purchase leads from them or can I decide not to order any even though I have a 90 day account with them?
I think you'll find other posts here with the same comments. Maybe try reducing your zips so you'll do your 90 days, but won't spend too much.

I fired them a while ago, I found them a pain in the ass to deal with. Every call was a 50/50 chance to have an arguement. Never pay someone to argue, marry them maybe, but not pay.
You need to find one zip code in your state with a population of about 100 people and limit your account to that zip code only.

Completely Stupid policy.
"Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in."

The thing you have to remember is when someone offers you a free bag of ****, unless you are a gardener, it's just a free bag of ****.
Netquotes Traffic Keywords will help you understand why most are Very Junk Leads. They use heavy Co-registration===almost 50% of thier Keyword traffic is coming from which requires they must sign up for atleast two offers---You guessed it Free Health Quotes!!!!!
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Here is the Statistics as of 20 February for Netquote's Traffic

Keyword Affinity MyPoints 41.8% xhome owners insurance 39.4xhome insurance32.9 xbusiness insurance30.0x

This is how they create the huge Volume, and Still buy leads from other vendors to keep up with demand.
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I just had that happen also with Netquote. I signed up in January for three months, and got their $3.00 leads, which were supposed to be pretty good, but they were all useless as they were 18 and 19 year olds, which are already covered here. When those free leads went up, I called them to tell them to cancel my account, I wasn't paying for leads that don't even work with our plan or in this state, and they said I was locked in, etc. So what they did do was give me a zip code where there are no leads, and I told them if I got any leads in that zip till my contract ran out, I would not be paying for it, depsite the fact it was only $3.00. Had the sales person mentioned this about age, I would have never bought it.

But yes, find out and make them put you on a zip where there are no leads!!!! And if you get a lot of leads from that zip still, close out your account, there's nothing they can do.
I emailed NQ this afternoon about the situation. The rep said he thought they had ended their relationship with Mypoints, but conceded that it may have started up again.

They're looking into it.

NQ is funny. Some of their leads (I only buy local ones) are the best. And some are junk. And so...the saga of Internet leads continues...