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Netquote Admits Fraud...


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This is an April Fool's Joke... REPEAT...THIS IS A JOKE! IT IS NOT REAL!

AP (Denver Co) Following a nine-month undercover investigation by the State of Colorado Fraud division that alleges "extreme intent to defraud customers", Quotesmith has decided to
break up and subsequently lay off all NetQuote employees. Netquote, with local offices here in Denver at 501 Wazee Street, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quotesmith.

"We were presented irrefutable evidence of over-billing and reckless behaviour, " said QuoteSmith Presiden William Lackey. "We let Netquote run their own operation and that proved to be a grave error."

Some of the alleged practices include:

*Generating fictitious leads that were sold to insurance brokers nationwide.

*Selling "exclusive" leads to three different insurance brokers.

*Falsely promising cash incentives to vendors who used their affiliate program.

*Providing confidential information generated for insurance purposes to more than a dozen mortgage lenders across the US.

A formal statement will provided at a press conference scheduled for 3:00 p.m. Sunday April 1st. That's April 1st. As in April 1.

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This was one of the first companies I cancelled when I noticed they were selling leads to at least 8 different agents. When I cold busted them once they claimed it must be a computer error.
Ed, you need to get a life . . .

Although I suspect there is a bit of truth in much of what you say.
When I signed up with them they assured me that only 3 agents would receive the lead and no two from the same company. This was in '04.

Then I come to find that me and two of my Assurant GAs friend were all getting the same lead. Not only that, but other agents were also calling. When I called NetQuote they said it was an error and it would be fixed.

No dice, we all still kept getting the same leads. Somone else I talked to then admitted they had no way to stop all three of us from getting the same lead and the best they could do was have us all choose different zip codes.

We did that. I still had clients saying that 5 or 6 other reps were calling and cancelled them. The only good thing I could say is at the time the leads were only $6.50 with a 10% discount off the monthly bill.

Their quality was among the worst quality of all my sources. It seemed to be a haven for every fat uninsurable smoker.
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