Netquote Admits Fraud...

Agents need to go back to self-marketing. These internet leads are getting out of hand - cost-wise and the fact they sell the lead to so many different agents. Combine that with the list and insurance agents must get creative.
Anyone P/C agents succeeding without using internet leads? Share your success please.
I tried them. I did not get one good appointment from over 15 leads from them. Another lead source I got 4 appointment out of 7 and closed 3 so I dont think its me.
Rabbi...Re many cases their leads are horrible. However, there are some "tricks" that you can use with NetQuote.

Nothing illegal...very simple.

PM me if you would like details.

And I must say....Prospect Zone (Norvax) has some of the worst leads out there...unless you bitch, moan and whine. Then...they'll improve...just a tad.
I understand. That's why I asked if art was imitating life. It's obviously an April fools joke (Quotesmith doesn't own Netquote and obviously Netquote didn't lay off all of it's employees two years ago.) Some of it was just uncannily on topic.

Mike, Here is some great advice, You are ruining your business. How about you stop bringing up old threads for your own benefit. Individuals on here would probably, maybe use your service, but I doubt that very seriously now. I have never seen a business conduct themselves in such a negative way to its potential customers. What a piece of Work!!!:no:

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