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I changed careers from quality engineering (automotive manufacturing) to insurance agent this summer. My first stint was as a telephone sales agent for a senior life insuring company, but only had one type product to sell. My ultimate goal is to be an independent agent, but meantime I need ongoing income.
I have recently signed with Liberty National Life...anyone experience with this company or any Torchmark Company?? I am a captive agent with LNL, and their products are geared toward middle to lower income bracket and involve face to face sales.
My plan is to work with LNL for approx. 1-2 years, gain experience, keep the bills paid, and then go the independent route.
I need sage advice from those more experienced.
Your comments are welcomed.
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I have recently signed with Liberty National Life...anyone experience with this company or any Torchmark Company?? Thanks

Walk away and don't look back! Get away from them and find another company to go with! Okay, don't walk away, run away as fast as you feet will go! If you choose to stay there, good luck, you'll need it.
Goodness gracious , they roped in another one. All they do is recruit recruit recruit. Have they trained you yet in the art of recruiting? Forget insurance sales, all they do is recruit.
Yes, run run run from Torchmark-related companies. There are TONS better companies to be captive to. NYLIC comes to mind. Don't become another United American statistic...!

Don't know anything good or bad with LNL...but I'm sure others here do.
Probably a good move to terminate, they do not have the best interests of the client in mind, in my opinion, nor do they really care about quality agents, just quantity. recruit recruit recruit
What's that one called...oh yea, NAA. That's a network marketing thing, too. But if you ask any of the people in it, they'll say that every traditional company out there is basically a pyramid. The funny thing is that I've never heard anyone at a traditional company say they are just like NAA!
Whenever your mgr. is more worried about recruiting than: training and products and clients and driving to a house and seeing businesses and calling prospects and state laws and licenses and professionalism, he might be in some kind of pyramid-like scheme.

I am not going to flat out call them all MLM, but when recruiting is more important than sales, it kind of walks like a duck. I should think a mgr. would want to take one or two or three agents under his wing at a time, train them, get to know them, go out in the car with them for six months, and do that once or twice a week, watch training videos, prospect, get on the phone with them, so on.

That's what I call manageable, about one or two agents at a time. Not 16 or 20: throwing the mud on the wall and seeing what sticks is not good when you are playing with people's lives and careers. Out of those 15 or 20, who sticks it out? What would work better, taking two people and giving them personal attention, or throwing 20 pieces of mud on the wall to see what sticks?
I just became a agent with LNL today. Even though I see what people are saying about them, the guy that runs the branch I am in is not like that at all. He talks more about products, sales, helping clients, and even helping yourself to commissions, bonuses, and renewals.