Newbie at Physicians Mutual

Hey Everyone
Well after 50 years I think I finally found my calling, you see I'm one of those Late Bloomers. Anyway, getting ready to sign on with Physicians Mutual and just wanted to get some feedback from you guys. I go through my 40 hour training next week and then take my license test the following week. Whatever you can tell me would be greatly appreciated.
I had a fair amount of email correspondence and phone chat with the local agency manager here in Sacramento and I was very impressed with him. I would have written for the company but I simply didn't want to be a captive agent selling just one product (although they did allow agents to sell non PM plans in certain circumstances... I forget which.)

One thing I've learned is that even IF the carrier is squeaky clean and has the highest integrity, there are still bad agencies, districts, regions, etc. It all depends on the management team that is running the 'franchise.'

And I don't mean that to be limited to 'itegrity' issues. There are some high-integrity managers of large carriers here in Sacramento who are just plain stupid!

What's the old line from Judge Judy: "Good looks change, but stupid is forever!"

Well I guess you can teach an Old Dog new tricks, today was my first day of 40 hour training for my licensing and boy do I have alot to learn. Pretty cool stuff though, wish I would have gotten into this a long time ago. I know this is just the tip of the Iceburg, can't wait to get my license and start getting into the good stuff. Anyone that wants to chime and let a newbie hear some of YOUR STORIES FROM THE TRENCHES, I'd really like to hear what you have to say. Yeah I know you guys get newbs on here all the time and we ask the same ole questions, just remember how you felt when you first started.
Hi Roger, Welcome to the forum. I don't really have anything from the trenches to share with you (I don't like to get dirty), but I like your enthusiasm. Insurance has a very high level of burnout, and unrealistic expectations are a strong factor in those. It is very unusual to hear someone excited about their training, and learning new things, instead of excited about the millions they will be making.

It is interesting that many of the agents who come to this board getting ready to start are in their 30's-50's while most new agents are in their 20's. I wonder if the burnout rate for older agents is lower than that of younger ones, since older agents have more patience and appreciate experience more.

In any case, I think you will do great. You don't really need reassurance now, just try to learn all you can about the products you will be selling, and about how you will go about marketing them.