NextGen Leads for Medicare ..?

Cool. He got back ... I was asking what the filters were, the age range, do they already have part A / B, etc ... some leads are live transfers ... that get's pricey quick ... the thing about Medicare that is "challenging" is that ya get a line on someone T65 ... then they don't go into Medicare until age 70 ... or 66 - 69, etc. ... had one gent get with us 5 years and 2 mos. after meeting with him ... that's the record ...
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Never even looked . He’s Rich and price doesn’t matter to him . He loves Blue cross and will never move . All he knows he pays zero for everything. .
Ah, the "X" factor that most agents never bother asking enough questions to a prospect to find out can actually exist.

Assume that all your prospect/client cares about is saving money, and be prepared to be wedged out HARD if agents like mine get them on the phone.

Case in point; ran a drug plan last week for a high-powered, white-glove attorney client of mine. He wrote back today and said it would cost him more money to fill out the form and enroll to switch plans so he'll stay put. Financially intelligent people know precisely what the value of each of their minutes in life is worth. Respect.

They might be the minority, and most people only care about price. Funny how those are often the broke people.