No contract, but locked in???


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Have an interesting situation here. Just received a letter from a company I am trying to get appointed with and they say I need a release from my previous company before they can proceed on. I looked over this letter and found that I never did sign a contract with that company. They wanted to hire me really bad, but too many cold feelings and I did not persue. Turns out, their manager contracted me in his computer and the company assigned me an agent number. Now, I never signed anything and did not to be employed by this company...any ideas on how to get this taken care of? I have contacted the company and the manager that did this, and I have not heard back from them yet....
To start, go to your Department of Ins, and see if they show you as being appointed with that company. If not, explain the situation with the company involved, the one your looking to be appointed with, and guide them to the DOI site so they can see it as well. Sounds like your just caught up in someone's database, and it needs to be worked through the system.
A former employee went to work for some weird captive company (why, there are a multitude of reasons). She was individually appointed with Allianz. The new company didn't want her appointed to Allianz. She had not written a lick of business with Allianz. She sent a letter to Allianz asking them to terminate her contract and guess what? They did. Maybe it would be as simple as that? I don't know.

Once again, if the DOI's really figured out how these IMO/FMO/GA models really worked, and their stupid "catch and release" policies with agents, they would probably not be able to have agents in the respective states. The evil IMO/FMO/GA's should release their agents when the agent requests. Period, end of program. It's ridiculous!

That said, anyone know what the release policies are for AVIVA, American Investors, Amerus and Indy LIfe?