"One Call Close"


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As many of you may know, I'm beginning a large scale recruiting campaign. I primarily sell health insurance and normally close business over two to three separate appointments over the phone. I feel like this method works for me and I have a pretty good "gut feeling" on which leads are viable and which aren't. This method requires an individual to be fairly organized and takes a lot of patience.

After speaking to several other agents, it seems like many are closing on the first call and swear by this method. Because I'm trying to get opinions on various information to determine my "official" training regimine, I would like to open the thread up to learn about everyone's different ONLINE health sales methods.

Thanks in advance for feedback!
I don't think you and I did... If you are referring to thread, feel free to direct me to it..

I guess I am interested to see who is "one call closing" and why versus those that are doing it like me... 2-3 appointments to close.
Really just opening up the board for discussion, but I did notice the other thread...

I have some that I will close "same-day", but I just have a method, and I'm normally too busy/lazy to close a deal during the first convo. Talked with an agent I respect quite a bit, and 90% of the cases he close are on the first call.

I would be interested to look at closing ratios over time. It's hard to track because of the leads I thought were dead that call me up 6 months later.
The real question is, are YOU comfortable with a one call close?

Some agents are, some aren't.

As indicated in the other thread, I have done it before (insurance as well as some other stuff when I was going thru a midlife crisis). It really doesn't suit my style.

Folks who are pliable to one-call-closes usually don't stick. If you deal in a product with a 3 day cooling off you can OCC all day long and still make a good living. But if you want long term business with referrals you won't make it with a OCC.

Most folks selling on OCC are selling price, not concept. Someone who buys on price will just as easily leave you when the next deal comes along.

TX is probably a good one to comment. His telemarketers are OCC'ers. He can also address the persistency (or lack thereof) of the OCC client.