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That's OK, no problem Chumps. As James Carville said, "Pennsylvania consists of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Alabama in between." Don't anyone take offense----even though it is true. Anyway, I have enough digging to do just in the 5-county Philly metropolitan area, although I do like to venture into Lehigh and Northhampton Counties, as well.:skeptical::skeptical:
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So Conwell toured the country (USA...many states) and harvested contributions (fund-raising) for Temple Univ while extolling his principle of "dig in your own backyard" for success.

Is it my simple, peanut brain or is that inconsistent? Seems he couldn't dig up enough in Philly in his own backyard??

Interesting trivia there.....like Paul Harvey likes to say...."Now you know the rest of the story."

BTW...Great book....
Rick, which are your plans of choice between the two (Health Net & Nwide)? Do you show one of the companies more than the other? I have been calling small business' lately, and they all seem to have either the Blues or Kaiser. I like your idea of showing HNet & Nwide.

Are you going after Ind. or Grp?

Thanks ... John
Until the changeover, I showed virtually nothing but Nationwide. 90% of it was the HSA but used their "Lifestyle" plan with 4 OV and 1st dollar drugs for kids.

But now, I don't know. Nationwide's service sucks so much now because even the underwriters know they are gone by the end of the year, I may just focus on Health Net.

What I won't do is use Blue Cross or Blue Shield. They both write exactly the same bad plans. I want to show an alternative.

By the way, I only write group if forced. Hate it. Low commissions and every year I could lose it on a BofR.

Well, policy doctor, I can't speak for Dr. Conwell since he long ago left this mortal coil. However, I see your point----it does appear to be a paradox, but at least he did plant the seeds in his own backyard inasmuch Temple University started with classes in his BaptistTemple church. :err:

Applying that logic to my situation, I will gladly accept any and all referrals to my marketing area in Southeastern PA so I can plant the seeds in my backyard.
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"Ohio you can get appointed with Anthem BCBS and Medical Mutual but I would stick with Assurant and Golden Rule."

You don't know Ohio very well.

What companies do you sell in Ohio?

I'm appointd with Medical Mutual, Anthem, Golden Rule, Aetna, and Assurant. Golden Rule normally beat everyone hands down.
GR's rates are solid. But keep in mind, that with their new policy, you have to add in the RX buyup and 5 Mill buyup to equal the BC policy. In many cases, that prices it above BC.

But I would not say that GR beats everyone hands down. Quick example:

Male 35 Female Female 35 Both preferred (Cincinnati area)

GR $205 per month $35 copay Add $3 fee and RX and 5 Mil buyup ($21) and you have $229.

BC $219 $25 copay (not quoting Super Preferred)

So in many instances, GR is not the best buy.
Everytime I quote in Ohio I hear "PER MONTH?"

Just quoted a child only plan $54 to $80/mo with Aetna, and they wanted something "MORE AFFORDABLE"...

It has always been a rough state for me (and I was born there!).
Why do you add the 5mil buyup?

3 mil is plenty and for them spend any money to increase it is like throwing cash out the window.

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