Part D - lowest price


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Looks like the low price leader this year is First Health Part D Secure which in PA is 15.40 per month. It will be THE plan for folks who take little or no medications and want to avoid the penalty for not signing up for a plan. The last two years it was the Humana Standard Plan which went from 14.10 to 26.20 for 2008.

Problem is it appears First Health, which is owned by Coventry, is not working with agents! At least I could not find any kind of contact information for agents to learn more about contacting with them.

Does anyone know if this is true? Is First Health only selling direct?

Sorry, that is what I heard as well. Maybe someone else out there will have further insight but when I tried to locate information on them and called, they said that they only deal with clients.
I also found this to be the case here in Virginia. After doing some research I called and was told the same information, they do not sell through agents. It would be wonderful if they did. It has been my experience most seniors do not own a computer and therefore would not have the resources to know about First Health.
It seems like their plan is designed to attract a lot of enrollees based on their low premium, which is probably the way to go if someone does not take any meds at all. However I have been finding that when someone takes two, three or more meds, they are rarely the lowest overall cost plan.