Pirates of Manhattan video about Suze's advice


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Here the author of Pirates of Manhattan compares what Suze says and what her employers do! Great book, if you can go out and get a copy, it be money well spent! If you want a link to the book to purchase let me know!
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I believe it is well established that Suze Orman is a hack and full of ****.

Plus, they don't teach you about whole life insurance at Merrill Lynch (her employer when she was a stockbroker), because they don't sell it. At firms like Merrill, MS, UBS, etc., they only train their hacks on products they can sell.

Actually, it is pretty funny, in that Suze's "employers" don't take her advice!!!
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Agreed. Sadly, though, he should consider scripting himself better and presenting in a more professional environment. Looks like he's in a conference room or a closet.