Potentially buying a book of business

I would be super careful buying into a Captive agency right now, more so t
IMO - it is likely both.

These guys are already warning you about the specific Insurer, so Ill spend a minute scaring you away from the Captive market and possible P&C in general. [Not a big NY agent guy, Im in CA.] But I do see a lot of similarities: Lots of Govt Regulation, Inflation, Risk Situation is changing, Insurers leaving, Closing down markets.

During these unusal times, I think its NUTS to tie yourself to just one insurance group. I have over 30 insurers to use and...its still not enough. If you are really going to sell, process, and present insurance - there has never been a better time to be an independent. But - going independent is Super Hard and not for most.

If you did want to seriously look at a captive agent insurer situation, Id go work for one for a long time before taking the plunge. Some guys do OK with it and get rich. But most of those folks have the "old contracts" and have a "wife across the street" who sells as an independent.

Best of Luck to you.

If those captive books were a good idea, you wouldn't need a recruiter to sell you on the "opportunity". Agents would be snatching it up.

Furthermore, while it's a lot easier to make it with an independent book than a captive book, I'm willing to bet those captive agents that did well would have still done considerably better if they were indy.
Thanks again for all the feedback. You all have successfully scared me enough to put a pause on this and continue with my research.

Truthfully State Farm was my first choice for an agency opportunity. I have two friends who do very very well in the New York and New Jersey area owning a SF agency. I got licensed and passed every step SF makes you go through. I was granted an interview for a very hot and upper-middle-class territory on Long Island. I lost out on it to someone more seasoned and decided not to interview for two other locations that I truly wasn’t in love with. Not having an agency by a certain date brought new requirements into the picture for SF and I am currently stuck on taking the SIE exam which I foolishly underestimated. So my goal was always to own a start-up SF agency. Since I’m not very patient I took a look at Allstate and this is where I'm currently at.

Sorry for the long story but I figured a little more background couldn’t hurt.
Thank you all for your reply’s! This is Allstate and I should have been more clear on the fact that I inquired about the opportunity. Right now In my location (Long Island) ground up new agent opportunities are on hold or just not being offered at the moment. What is available though are books of business. So I showed interest and spoke with the recruiter yesterday who then started the candidate process with me. Markthebroker I know to take what they tell me with a grain of salt until
I actually see the numbers.
Allstate? Oh my. I will now list below the five best things about having an opportunity to sell for Allstate:

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