Pre-Nuptial Letter


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I'm hoping smarter people than myself can help design a "standard" letter to have any prospective FMO, IMO, GA, etc. sign prior to entering into any carrier contract.

I've always just asked for something saying "XXX will unconditionally release agent upon request from any and all contracts."

However, it would be better if we all insisted on the same thing and had a sample to show the FMO.

Then no one would have to be stuck in a bad situation with an FMO who promises the world and then turns out to be an a-hole. Remember, no one has ever signed an agreement allowing the FMO to hold you to 6-12 months without writing before you can move contracts.

Anyone come up with something good for us?

You know, there are a lot of attorneys who are insurance licensed, especially in the estate planning arena. Perhaps one of them has something?

I think this is a wonderful idea, Rick!