Privacy? C'mon...No laws have been broken...


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Hang with me. I'll get to my point in a moment.

I spoke with an Aetna rep last week. I was complaining that the new "Value" plan and the "Preventative" plans have been taken out of the brochure. I was wondering why.

The rep explained that although these plans are still available to be written, Aetna does not want to actively market them because they are "stripped down" plans. (Take some notes on this Assurant!)

OK...Here's the point of this thread. By merely posting the contents of my conversation with the Aetna rep...have I crossed the line regarding privacy.

On occasion, I will post summaries of conversations I have had with various lead companies, and even copy and paste contents of emails.

Actually, I think many of us do this.

Is it a privacy issue?

Just curious what your thoughts are.
Here's another example:

Dear ED, call us today: 877-245-3237
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Should I have posted that?
Yes, any factual, helpful information should be shared with others. That's what this board is all about.

If that information should not have been shared with you then the person who gave it to you should have his butt handed to him, not you.