Quantum Club Members ??


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Any Quantum Club Members here ? I've applied for consideration and am awaiting a response. I'd be interested to hear any members thoughts on this program.
I joined in 1987. I cancelled my membership in 2005. The $2500 annual fees were too much for me.

Also...my wife hates Australia, and the damn flight was so long anyhow.

Oh...wait. I was thinking of the "Qantas" club. Never mind.
I gave it a try a while back.

It can be described as 'drinking from a fire hose', where I was more looking for a laser surgical approach. Or, maybe a better metaphor, is it is like they do surgery with a chainsaw, I was looking for a laser surgical approach.

What do I mean?

It is a lot of ideas that they have, but you have to tailor them to you, fix things, adjust them to be what you want, and implement them. It's like being a kid in the candy store (of marketing ideas) and your mom lets you pick 2 pieces of candy. You dwell on it for a while, make a decision, and then they hand you a recipe and point you to the grocery store. You wanted the candy, not the heathkit version (for those old enough to understand the reference, for the rest, the DIY version).

Now, if you have time, staff, someone to run campaigns, it's not a bad way to get very good marketing ideas. But you better hurry, they are only taking 11 agents on right now, of course, they will always be taking 11 new agents.

The good thing is they honor their 30 day money back guarantee, if they still offer it.

Alright Dan, so what are their marketing ideas? Your not going to make me pay to join if you can share the knowledge.. are you?

I understand the shotgun approach as apposed to the sniper (each has it's place).

Where are their marketing ideas coming from? Are they really that (push the envelope) creative that we have not thought of them on our own or.... is it more of a planned strategy for each campaign to keep you on the right track. Just really curious
Hmm, I'm not sure I remember many of them. To me, they weren't anything that revolutionary, but, I have access to a similar system elsewhere.

Many of them, I completely disagreed with, so I ignored them, most didn't fit my market, so I ignored them, the few left were decent, but I already knew about them. This isn't necessarily true for everyone.

The best idea that I remember was really focusing on referrals. In general, this consisted of 2 things I wasn't doing at the time, as well as a number that I did.

- Generate a testimonial page. Have your clients rave about you. Put this in your regular newsletter as well as have it available for new prospects to see.

- Give lottery tickets for a referral, as well as give away a $100 or $500 gift card in your office monthly. Entries for the drawing are the referrals.

As I recall, the big thing is they heavily promote high touch. Grab onto a prospect and keep on them till they respond and then keep going until they buy. This sounds evil, but if done properl, it's not bad. A monthly newsletter (which they provide samples) is a great way to do this. Letting prospect know that you are going to be running an event for a local charity, and asking them to help out, etc. Lots of things you can do that aren't sales pushy, that still allow you to stay in touch.

Oh yeah, the other thing they push is to create a sense of urgency. To find out more, you have to sign up quickly, they are only taking on 11 more agents, which will go very fast. I highly recommend you call them now, before those 11 spots are gone.

I'd really like to know a bit more about the Quantum Club - whether any members feel it was totally worthwhile or is it mostly a marketing scheme? I'm a new agent in the PC business but have 27 years as a life ins agency manager