Question about retired teacher's insurance


I interviewed today with a company in Texas...AMBA. They sell 4 primary products to retired teachers. The insurer is United Teachers Association Insurance Co. They are based in Austin, TX. Seems like a very solid company with good training, company provided leads, good competitive products. They seem to have a very good niche market. They have secured the endorsements of the retired teachers associations in a large number of states. Need to know if anyone has had experience with these follks or knows anyone who has...would like to know if it is as it seems. Thanks.

UTA is not competitive in IN. If you are going to be exclusive with them you should work for Great American Senior Benefits. Then you can sell for all the GASB companies.
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I agree with what Senior said.

Anytime I run into anyone with a retired teachers med sup, I know it will be real easy to sell them because the prices they have are not even close to competitive.
I know in KC they only have a few policies here and there, but are basically out of the market.

However, they does not mean they are not competitive in other parts of the county. I would price them against the local competition and see where they stand.
Now you've got me worried. Can you elaborate on your statement about their complaing record in Kansas? Where would I look for the same information in Texas? Thanks.

In Texas I would say to talk to GASB b/c the two top offices in the nation are there.
Then you would have PALIC, CGI, CRL, UTA, GALIC and a few more.

I work for GASB in NC and like the company alot.