Rate my cold call script

As others have mentioned, the more direct you can be, the better.

Like him or not, Cardone has some good training on mastering the cold call. It is unapologetically direct. Within the first 5 seconds, the person who answered will know exactly why you called.

It shouldn't be vague. Shoot for clarity. If you're selling a water softener, don't call me and ask me if I value water and love my family... That's a stupid opener. Call me and say, "this is John, the reason I'm calling is because I know the water is hard in our area and we want to discuss water softeners with you."

All fluff is removed (company name, "how are you today," etc.).

They're either interested or they aren't, and you can find out quickly. The direct script gets you through names faster to find actual prospects.

I don't cold call any longer but when I did, my call was pretty simple and direct.
Door knocking works . It’s back to the 1950’s with leave it to beavers father ( he sold life ins ). It’s irrelevant if the direct mail lead is 1 week old or 9 months old . From what I can see with all the screening software on phones outbound calling is not working . Wether it’s leads or cold calling . So what works is door knocking , inbound tv or direct transfer leads , referrals, seminars and having a Medicare table at a Walmart etc . All those forms of selling outside door knocking the clients somewhat showing the interest . Even with Dm leads the client most of the time has only lukewarm or no interest .
Referrals, yes, door knocking, if that's what gets you off, go for it . . . these days seems like you are more likely to get shot than offered a glass of sweet tea
Door knocking gives me more stories to tell my grandkids when they get a little older. If I don't get shot or eaten by a big dog 1st.. :)
I remember when I came back to insurance in 2018. I thought that if I had the perfect script things would fall into place. I did the same rate my script.

Bob took about an hour out of his time, for free might I add, and that hour probably saved me from washing out again, namely after it switched my whole perspective of a gatherer vs a hunter. I don't use a script with anyone. I have a general outline when I just ask questions and then respond to what they say. Scripts really don't do great with conversations.

100%. Scripts are great for new people in that they mentally ingrain the outline you're talking about. Once that's done, they naturally fade away.

They're conversational training wheels.

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