Recommend a New Mexico agent?


Please call me if you can recommend an agent who can sell health insurance in NM. I have a client with a sister who needs health ins.


Sean Russell
Alpine Health Solutions
866-467-8793 Toll Free
970-300-4256 Office

[email protected]
What's up with that hyperlink?!? I have to admit that I haven't been on the forum much over the last month or so, but that kinda sucks. I guess we're paying the bills, but having hyperlink ads in the text of my post doesn't seem right.

New site looks good though.
C'mon, no one knows a NM agent??? Any help would be really appreciated. I'm really having a hard time finding anyone to take this lead.

Thanks for removing the hyperlink melmunch. Much better.
Have you thought about going getting licensed in that state and getting up to speed on the products. Shouldn't take too long to accomplish and you would gain an additional area to cover.
It would be nice if there was someone from every state on the board, but I am pretty sure that there isn't. There is no shame in going to the yellow pages and looking for one yourself. You may or may not get someone to do a split with you, but you can find someone good, and at least get the credit for hooking them up.

I have gotten local referrals from people whom I had actually sent to someone else.